Local Women Finds Herself at the Termination of Police Pursuit, Records Video

Footage Shows Termination of The Pursuit of Chad Frazier

Shortly after 5:30 PM on January 4th, 2022 the Coweta County Sheriffs Office and GSP terminated a pursuit heading north on Interstate 85, just after exit 47 when the GSP used a P.I.T. to cause the vehicle to lose control. The pursuit led to the arrest of Chad Dominique Frazier, 28, of Stone Mountain and the discovery of a gun, ammo, and a bulletproof vest. You can read more about the chase and the suspect here.

Local resident Amanda Millette was driving in the area when she was quickly and unwittingly given a front-row seat to the termination of the vehicle pursuit and what ended up being a short foot chase by the suspect. Thankfully Mrs. Millette was not injured and was able to document her encounter with her fast-thinking camera skills.

I’m just beyond words at how close this was to me. Thank you to the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia) for blocking my car after being pitted. The situation was flawless on each of the departments. I’m grateful that he didn’t escalate things with the firearm. Grantville Police Department Georgia State Patrol
Thanks to Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic for the run down and my wife Beth for sending me the article.
– Amanda Millette on Facebook

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