Possible “Swatting” Incident Leads to Multi-Agency Response, Extremely Dangerous Situation for Local Family

Original Call was for Shooting

Around 6 PM this evening the Newnan Police Department received a call for service.

According to the initial dispatch to units, a male caller had called and stated he was in a dispute with a friend and had shot him.

The address given by the caller was off Bryce Creek Drive. Units from multiple agencies, including the Newnan Police Department and the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office, started racing to the scene.

While they were responding, dispatch notified the officers that the caller had the gun on him and he refused to put it down, that he had the victims brother hostage and would shoot him if officers approached, and that he was demanding safe passage.

Given this information officers approaching the address stopped short of the address, working to evacuate and notify nearby residents of the danger, while keeping eyes on the house and awaiting the arrival of the SWAT team.

Before the SWAT team could arrive, officers on the scene saw person(s) open the front door and look around before closing the door again. Moments later the garage door to the house opened.

Officers were able to detain an adult male out front of the residence.

By this time dispatch had lost contact with the caller and their attempts to call them back were not being answered.

The Situation Starts to Make No Sense

Officers speaking to the adult male that was detained in front of the house stated that no one had been shot and that his wife and 2 children were the only remaining occupants in the house.

As SWAT arrived and officers continued to keep eyes on the residence, movement was seen out of the back of the house, before they too retreated into the house.

A negotiator with the SWAT team was able to make contact with the remaining occupants of the house, who confirmed that nothing torrid had occurred.

Out of an abundance of caution and in the methodical and expert manner always shown by our SWAT members, the remaining occupants of the house were brought to the door and received by waiting officers.

SWAT members were then able to clear the house and ensure that there was no suspects or victims remaining in the residence.

Callers Number Comes Back from Out of State

During the investigation of the event, it was determined that the phone number used to call the Newnan Police Department was from out of state, with an area code that comes back to a state in the Southwest of the country.

Our attempt to search the number fielded only a single public result that attributed the number to an elderly man in another Southwestern state. Lending credibility that the number had been “spoofed.”

NCST is declining to release certain details about the number used to protect aspects of the ongoing investigation.

Situation Seems to Fit Profile of "Swatting"
From Google Search

A dangerous and horrible reality that has plagued law enforcement agencies for years, Swatting has lead to multiple deaths around the world as innocent and unsuspecting residents are suddenly besieged by officers who believe that a truly horrific event is occurring.

Often a tactic attributed to people only known on social or gaming platforms, often, as we assume occurred in this case, the victims aren’t the actual targets as the address the suspects derive from whatever means is often the wrong one.

With these calls coming in from locations around the world, often using technology to mask the phone numbers, it’s been notoriously hard for law enforcement to track down and charge suspects.

Investigation Ongoing

The Newnan Police Department, as well as its partners in law enforcement, will continue to investigate this situation.

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