Brendashia Aleshia Richardson, Charged in Pilot Travel Center Murder, Petitions Court for Bond

This is an update for a case event in the Pilot Travel Center Murder Case, in particular Defendant Brendashia Aleshia Richardson. For more information about either, please see the links below

Pilot Travel Center Murder – Overview
Pilot Travel Center Murder – Brendashia Aleshia Richardson

Defendant Petition's the Court for Bond

Court records show that Brendashia Aleshia Richardson has petitioned the court for bond on April 25th, 2022.

Richardson was arrested on January 10th, 2022 on charges stemming from her participation in the Murder and Robbery of Patrick Ballew on November 12th, 2021.

She has been incarcerated in the Coweta County Jail, without bond, ever since.

The Petition was considered by the Court on May 10th, 2022 during a hearing that had been set for the Court to consider motions, petitions, and other business concerning the defendants in this case.

In the defendant’s petition they state the following as reasons why Richardson should be granted bond:

  • The Defendant is a resident of this community and has many family members in this area.
  • The Defendant poses no significant risk or danger to the community and there is no threat of Defendant fleeing the jurisdiction or committing a felony pending trial or intimidating witnesses or otherwise obstructing the administration of justice.

Rule Nisi Issued

After being heard and considered by the Court, a Rule Nisi¹ was issued compelling the District Attornies Office to “show cause” for the defendant not to be granted bail. The time and date set for this was originally June 7th, 2022 but was changed late this afternoon to 7/12/2022 at 9 AM.

This gives the DA’s office time to ready their argument before the Court as to why Richardson shouldn’t be given a bond.

¹ Simply stated a Rule Nisi is used to get a hearing scheduled for the Court to consider a motion or other order.


Richardson Also Charged on Violation of Probation for 2018 Charges

In June of 2018 Richardson, along with 3 others, were arrested for Shoplifting in Coweta County. Richardson was charged with 2 counts of Theft by Shoplifting ( Felony ). She was indicted on the charges in September 2018 and failed to appear for her arraignment so a Bench Warrant was issued.

She would eventually reach enter a negotiated plea deal that would see her charged as a first offender. As the result of the plea, Richardson was placed on probation for 8 years, required to report to probation on a set schedule, pay fines and fees, not be charged with anything rising to the level of a felony, and various other conditions.

After her arrest in January of 2022, the Georgia Department of Community Supervision submitted to the Court a Petition for Adjudication of Guilt in Richardson’s shoplifting case. 

In its request to have Richardson’s probation revoked and its remaining time spent in incarceration, the GA Dept of Community Supervision gave the following reasons Richardson was in violation of her terms of probation:

On April 25th, 2022 Richardson filed with the Court a Petition for bond in this case also, stating the same reasons as the petition for the other case.

The Court was set to hear this Petition at the same time as the other Petition, May 10th, 2022.

The Court is set to hear the same “show cause” from the DA’s Office at the same time as the other Petition, June 12th, 2022 at 9 AM.

Opinion - The Defendant Has Serious Hurdles to Getting Bond

In researching the issues surrounding Richardson’s petitions for bond, we’ve noticed a couple of hurdles she’s going to have to overcome. We’ll list them below.

  • In the petition, the Defendant states that ” The Defendant is a resident of this community and has many family members in this area. ” – In fact, the Defendant resides in Columbus, GA, where she was arrested and extradited to Coweta County. She also claims a Columbus address in her Court files.
  • As stated by the GA Dept of Community Supervision, when given probation by the Court, Richardson failed to abide by any of the Courts orders, including never reporting or paying a single fine.
  • The petition refers to “… or intimidating witnesses or otherwise obstructing the administration of justice.” Defendants in the Murder case have already been caught in an attempt to intimidate, and possibly harm, a witness in the case.

It is possible that she may be granted bond in one case but not the other, however, the overall effect would be she continues her confinement in the Coweta County Jail.

The June 12th hearing is slated to be held in chambers, we will update with the Court’s findings as soon as it becomes available.

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