Same Family Again Subject of a Swatting Attempt

Second Time in 2 Weeks

For the second time in as many weeks, a family off Bryce Creek Drive in Newnan has been the target of a “Swatting” call.

This time the caller claimed to be a child whose parents were downstairs, held hostage by 3 tall black men wearing masks. The caller even had screaming in the background.

Just after 2:30 PM, Newnan Police Department Officers were dispatched to an address off Bryce Creek Drive. Officers were instantly familiar with the address, as it was the center of a “swatting” incident last week.

Officers continued to respond out of an abundance of caution, while dispatch worked to figure out the source of the call, as well as contact the homeowners via phone to see if they could confirm they were safe.

Dispatch was again able to determine the call had come in from an internet service and was unable to be called back, around the same time officers arrived at the location and begin setting up surveillance.

Officers were able to get in contact with the residents and confirm both via phone and in-person that nothing was wrong at the address.

You can read more about the previous attempt in our article, Possible “Swatting” Incident Leads to Multi-Agency Response, Extremely Dangerous Situation for Local Family

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