Surprising Discovery During NPD DUI Stop Leads Officers to Burglary Scene, Arrest

NPD Stops Vehicle on Temple Ave.

Around 3:30 AM an Officer with the Newnan Police Department performed a traffic stop on a Grey Chevy Silverado on Temple Avenue and Bonnell Street.

After checking the vehicle and driver’s status,  a second Officer that was in the area came to the stop. Officers then informed dispatch that they were conducting a field sobriety test on the driver of the vehicle.

At the conclusion of the field sobriety test, Officers informed dispatch that the driver had been placed under arrest. They then asked that a wrecker be sent to pick up the driver’s truck.

While the original Officer took the suspect to the Coweta County Jail, the second Officer stayed with the vehicle waiting for the wrecker to pick it up.

Shortly after the arresting officer arrived at the Jail with the suspect he was notified by the Officer that had stayed with the vehicle that he had located a cash drawer, with money in it, and a cut cord in the rear of the truck.


NPD Officers Discover Burglary at Lakeside Cleaners

Officers, working on information found during the discovery of the cash register, went to Lakeside Cleaners, located at 153 Jackson Street in Newnan, and located a side window that had been busted out, the sledgehammer used to do so still lying on the ground.

Officers secured the scene and investigators were called to the scene to process evidence, the owner of the location was also notified.

The suspects truck, originally headed to the impound lot of a local wrecker service, now sits in an evidence bay at the Newnan Police Department.

Suspect Is on Parole for 2012 Burglary

The suspect, Buford Lewis Newson, is currently on Parole after spending 7 years in state prison for a series of June 2012 burglaries in Newnan.

In the first series of burglaries, Newson was charged with breaking into the One Roof Outreach on Temple Ave. While inside he stole money and items.

The other burglary was at the Carolyn Barron Montessori School, located at 195 Jackson St… less than 1000 feet from the location of this burglary. He was also charged for withdrawing money from an account belonging to the school using an ATM card that he took during the burglary.

He was indicted on the following charges:

  • 4 Counts of Burglary
  • Burglary in the Second Degree
  • Financial Transaction Card Fraud

In May of 2013, he entered a negotiated guilty plea that saw him sentenced to 30 years in state prison, with the first 18 to be served in jail and the rest on probation.

He entered prison in August 2012 and was paroled in July 2019. He was to remain on parole until 7/22/2030.

Coweta County Court Records show the following History:

September 1990 – Plead Guilty to 3 counts of Burglary, sentenced to 6 years in prison. Prison records show the following confinement: 10/29/1990 to 2/11/1991.

April 1997 – Plead Guilty to Criminal Attempted Burglary, sentenced to 6 years in prison. Prison records show the following confinement: 7/2/1997 to 8/31/1998.

September 2002 – Plead Guilty to Entering Auto with Intent to Commit Theft, Possession of Cocaine, sentenced to 10 years. Prison records show the following confinement: 4/21/2003 to 10/27/2005

He was granted some form of Parole on each of these occasions and at least in the April 1997 case had his rights restored from his felony.

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