Fight Call at KFC / Taco Bell Turns Into Vehicle Pursuit That Leaves Carnage in its Wake Before Ending in Peachtree City

What Starts as Threats Becomes Violence and an Attempt to Flee from the Law

Shortly after 4PM on July 5th, 911 received a call from an individual at the Taco Bell located at 3410 East Highway 34. According to dispatch information, the caller said individuals at the location had made threats to harm others. This information was given to CCSO units that were dispatched to the location.

Editor’s Note: While we can’t independently confirm this with radio communications, we’ve been told by subjects on the scene during the series of incidents that originated this call, that 911 was informed over the phone that at least 1 of the people involved had a gun. We are unable to confirm who the caller stated had a gun. This information, while not broadcast in the radio traffic available to us, would have been entered into the computer system that provides notes to units via their in-vehicle consoles. This would have been information available to the deputies when making decisions during the chase and its risk/reward as it progressed. We also know from booking records that one suspect, Artis Ralph Ceasar, was charged with Possession of a Gun by a Convicted Felon.

Just before 4:30PM the initial Deputy arrived on the scene at the Taco Bell, moments later dispatch notified him that they were now receiving information of a Fight in Progress at the KFC that shares a parking lot with Taco Bell. The Officer then informs dispatch that he has a vehicle ( that dispatch confirms is the vehicle of the suspects in the fight in progress ) that is leaving the parking lot and that is attempting to get behind it to stop it.

According to the deputy’s radio traffic with Dispatch, the vehicle went north on Andrew Bailey Rd, as the deputy gets behind the vehicle with lights and sirens in an attempt to stop it, the vehicle actively attempts to elude the Deputies stop. It is now heading north on Andrew Bailey at speeds of 80+ MPH ( speed limits on that road are 45mph in that area, ) and crossing into on coming ( but empty ) lanes.


Multiple units that were originally headed to the scene of the Fight in Progress call are now attempting to intercept the pursuit to assist in stopping the suspect vehicle. The deputy that is the lead in the chase requested that a unit goes to KFC as he witnessed a victim being attacked before the suspects entered the vehicle and sped away.

The pursuit continues down Andrew Bailey Rd before turning right and going south on Fisher Rd. As the suspect vehicle continues down Fisher Rd it reaches speeds over 90 MPH while again going into oncoming lanes. Around the area of Faith Lutheran Church on Fisher, a CCSO deputy was able to intercept the chase and place “stop sticks” in the roadway ahead of the vehicle. The lead deputy pursuing the vehicle can be heard in radio traffic warning the deputy deploying the spike strips that the suspect vehicle is coming toward him. 

Minutes later we hear that the suspect vehicle swerves into the ditch on the side of the road to evade the spike strips. That deputy is now behind the lead deputy in the chase as they approach East Highway 34.

The suspect vehicle takes a left, heading east toward Peachtree City on Highway 34. As the pursuit moves through the intersection, another deputy calls out on the radio to inform dispatch of a ” very bad wreck, ” immediately calling for an ambulance and for a life flight to be placed on standby. Moments later a deputy is heard informing his unit number and that he’s been in a wreck.

As the pursuit continues east at a high rate of speed, in its wake is left a 3 vehicle motor vehicle accident that would leave a CCSO unit on its roof and 2 civilian vehicles with heavy front end damage. The CCSO has confirmed that the deputy is doing ok, however, the driver of one of the other vehicles would be life-flighted from a field nearby due to their injuries.

The extensive damage can be seen in the multiple images submitted by NCST Facebook Community Members.

As deputies stop to help those at the wreck, others continue the pursuit as it quickly heads eastbound. Deputies can be heard in radio traffic stating that the suspect is “splitting” vehicles or driving half in two lanes pushing cars to the side as it continues at a high rate of speed.

As the pursuit crosses into Peachtree City, passing Line Creek, deputies in the pursuit recognize a decrease in traffic that makes the ability to more safely Yeet ( or PIT ) the suspect vehicle possible. The lead deputy takes this opportunity to end the pursuit and any continued danger to the public, Yeeting the vehicle at the intersection of Highway 54 and Huddleston Road. With the vehicle immobile deputies are able to place 2 suspects in custody.

Victim Taken to Hospital for Treatment

As deputies pursued his attackers and units rushed to provide aid to those hurt in the ensuing accident, the victim was identified at the KFC and EMS units responded, taking him for treatment for his injuries at a local hospital.

While we are unable to provide a recent update, radio traffic from the time of the incident lead us to believe that his injuries were not life threatening.

The Suspects
Artis Ralph Ceaser

Black Male / 24 Years Old / 5′ 8″ at 153lbs

Booked in the Coweta County Jail on the following Charges:

Fleeing / Attempting to Elude Police Officer
Weapon – Firearm Possession by Convicted Felon
VGCSA Marijuana Possession

Justan Dantrez Curtis

Black Male / 26 Years Old / 5′ 8″ at 220lbs

Booked in the Coweta County Jail on the following Charges:

Fleeing / Attempting to Elude Police Officer
Aggressive Driving
2 counts of Obedience to Required Traffic-Control Device
Failure to  Maintain Lane

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