CCSO Arrests another Suspect for Pimping in ongoing Investigation

Another Pimp finds Justice at the Hands of CCSO Investigators

On the heels of 2 arrests just weeks ago, CCSO Investigators have booked another individual on Pimping charges as their ongoing investigation into prostitution and human trafficking continues.

Orlando Tyree McAllister, 31, of Newnan was arrested at Motel 6, located at 6 Herring Road in Newnan on October 25th around 9 AM.

He was booked on a single charge of Pimping, a misdemeanor.

The Buffalo Rock Employee, who apparently resides at the Motel, is currently sitting in the Coweta County Jail with a bond of $2,250.

Unlike the other individuals arrested, McAllister doesn’t show a criminal history of any kind in Coweta County.

Orlando Tyree McAllister Booking Photo
Investigation, Arrests Latest in CCSOs Push to Fight Human Trafficking

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and their Crime Suppression Unit have joined other local counties and the Atlanta region as a whole in focusing on identifying and combating Human Trafficking. Prostitution and other sex crimes are the sad and stark reality for many victims of Human Trafficking, investigating and prosecuting these crimes can often lead to the identification and reunification of these victims.

CSU Investigator Leslie Cash, who joined the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and was recognized in July at the Georgia Sheriff’s Association Summer Conference for Professional Contribution, has been a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Human Trafficking. 

A year after joing the CCSO in the patrol division, Cash was promoted to an Investigator in the Crime Suppression Unit in May 2020, in the short 2 years since that promotion, Inv. Cash has lead 6 complex Human Trafficking investigations, resulting in 105 arrests and the identification and release of 7 victims of Human Trafficking.

Georgia Laws Regarding Prostitution and Pimping

GA Code § 16-6-9 (2021) Prostitution

A person, 18 years of age or older, commits the offense of prostitution when he or she performs or offers or consents to perform a sexual act, including, but not limited to, sexual intercourse or sodomy, for money or other items of value.

Click here for the full text of the code section.

GA Code § 16-6-11 (2021) Pimping

A person commits the offense of pimping when he or she performs any of the following acts:

  1. Offers or agrees to procure a prostitute for another;
  2. Offers or agrees to arrange a meeting of persons for the purpose of prostitution;
  3. Directs or transports another person to a place when he or she knows or should know that the direction or transportation is for the purpose of prostitution;
  4. Receives money or other thing of value from a prostitute, without lawful consideration, knowing it was earned in whole or in part from prostitution; or
  5. Aids or abets, counsels, or commands another in the commission of prostitution or aids or assists in prostitution where the proceeds or profits derived therefrom are to be divided on a pro rata basis.

Click here for the full text of the code section.

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