Special Report: Coweta County Crime by the Numbers

We will be releasing the report in multiple parts, starting with Part One: Geography. Scroll down for the links to each section as they are released.


Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic has been in operation for over a year now, in that time we’ve highlighted crime as it happens in the Coweta County area. As a result, we’ve exposed the citizens of this county to information that many would not normally have access to. As faithful as local news sources are at informing the public, reality dictates that only so much information can be distributed efficiently.

NCST has been able to leverage the low cost of entry, immediacy, and reach of social media as well as its website to lower that threshold. We are proud of that. However with information comes power, and with that power comes responsibility. We venture to honor that responsibility with the information in this report.


The comments of virtually every post in the last year, particularly those of a criminal nature, have included some variation of one of the two statements. The purpose of this report is to test these statements as they relate to the data available.

Statement One
“That’s what you get for building all those apartments” – The inference here is that the amount of apartments, particularly the building of new ones, is a major driver of crime.

Statement Two
“This town has gone to hell, this didn’t happen in the past” – Has crime in Coweta County actually gotten worse, or is access to the information making it seem that way?


With the help of the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and it’s Jail Division we were able to secure booking information for May 1st, 2022 to July 31st, 2022. This contained all the bookings, by every agency, during that time period.

Importantly, this information contains the home address of everyone booked, allowing us the ability to analyze where those committing crimes within the county reside.

Securing the information, we started the process of making it into data that we could use for analysis. This first required designing and building a database to store the data, and then the long and laborious process of typing all the information from .pdf files into a database. This process has taken the better part 46 hours over a month timeframe.

The result, over 1400 individual bookings, and 3500 charges have been entered into a database, allowing us to group, sort, and analyze all the relevant data for this report.


There are a couple of limitations that must be kept in mind when looking at the data contained within the dataset.

1. The booking information relies on the address given by the suspect during the booking process. While the information is vetted by Jail Staff during booking, we must make the assumption that the address is where they are currently residing.

2. Not every criminal interaction results in a booking. An example of this is someone that is stopped for a traffic infraction and found to have a warrant by a surrounding county. Quite often in this situation, the person will receive a citation for their traffic infraction, and then the suspect will be taken to a location and transferred to the custody of the county or city that has the warrant.

3. Suspects arrested as the result of a court sentence may have committed their crime elsewhere, but be booked in Coweta County by the Court. Coweta County is the home of Circuit Courts that serve multiple jurisdictions. If someone is found guilty by this court and is remanded for confinement, they will be booked in Coweta County even if the offense they are found guilty of occurs in a different jurisdiction. In the 3 month period covered in this report, this is statistically insignificant, however, we wanted to point it out.

The Report

One Quick Note

A special thanks go to the staff at the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office for their help with getting us this information, and all the other open records request we throw at them. We are lucky to be able to work with such an accommodating agency, they are not all that way.

Also a shout out to Clay Neely and the Newnan Times-Herald for their hard work and assistance.

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