Sponsorship Opportunities

In order to better serve the community, we are looking to partner with local companies to support the operations of Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic.

With nearly 22k likes and an additional 30k followers, our Facebook posts are seen by an average of over 200k people each week while our videos average a reach of nearly 30k people the first week.

Below you’ll see some of the sponsorship and advertising opportunities available.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Post Type Sponsorships

As of 1/1/2023 all 4 post types are currently filled. Please check back soon as more post type opportunities are coming in the next few months.

These sponsorships are something you may have already seen on other news sites. The idea is that your company sponsors posts of a certain type and each time a post of that type is posted onto the Facebook page, it includes an image banner. We can create the graphics, or give you the dimensions and you can have your graphic artist provide us with them. A simple example can be seen below.

The following Post Types are currently available for sponsorship:

  • Traffic Related Post: This includes Accidents, Traffic Hazards, and Road Closures.
  • Crime Related Post: This Includes Disputes, Fights, Shootings, Stabbings, and Unknown Problems
  • Weather Related Post: This includes Weather updates, NWS Alerts, Power Line and Tree Down posts, and School and Business closings due to Weather.
  • Fire Related Post: This includes structure fires, vehicle fires and fire alarms.

Only 1 sponsorship is available per Post Type and is first come, first served.

Video Sponsorship

Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic works to obtain, produce and release video content of all types. From Body Warn Camera videos to user-submitted videos of incidents within the county.

The video sponsor will have their logo and chosen text displayed at the beginning of the video, between the 7-second NCST logo sting and the start of any content. The sponsor’s allotted time will be 15 seconds. We can create the content for you or we can provide the relevant video requirements and you can provide it for us. Videos are posted on both Facebook and the Website. When posted on Facebook, a comment will be provided with a link to whatever landing page you select.

At this time, only 1 video sponsor will be accepted. 

Special Content Sponsorship

Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic is working to produce and release special content centered around specific events or information relevant to the community.

Sponsorship of this content will provide you with banner ads ( see website advertising below for example ) within the content as well as frames on Facebook post in regards to the content. 

We are currently seeking Sponsors for the following special content.

  • Check back! We’ve got special sections coming soon.

At this time, only 1 sponsor will be accepted for each special content section. 

Advertising Opportunities

Website Advertising

Our website contains more in-depth stories and special content. With over 100k unique visitors a month, it receives visitors brought by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Search.

We provide banner advertising that is shown on the front page, top of each article, and a persistent sidebar advertisement. An example of these can be seen below.

Ads are displayed in a round-robin method, cycling through each advertiser as visitors load the site.

Starting in November we are opening website advertising and limiting it to 5 advertisers. 

Terms and Payment Options

All Sponsorships and Advertising, except certain Special Content Sections, are sold on a quarterly (3-month basis.) Special Content Sections are a one-time transaction.

Pricing varies depending on which opportunity you want to move forward with.

We accept payment via PayPal invoice, allowing the most flexible payment options for our sponsors.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, please contact us via message on the Facebook page, or email us at [email protected].

NCST is a service provided to the community by R41D41 Industries, LLC. When information is power, we believe the information should be in the hands of the community.

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