Weather Coverage Sponsorship Sealed Bid Process

In the shadow of March 25th, 2021, and the destruction wrought by an EF4 tornado, our community has had a special relationship with weather. 

The goal of NCST’s weather coverage is simple. To provide as much information about possible weather impacting Coweta County as far out as possible, and to cover, in real-time, the impact weather has on the area. On top of relaying possible timing, severity of impact and current watches and warnings, we also provide information on the impact to local power grids, fallen trees, fallen power lines, and observed damage.

It’s important to note, no one at NCST is a weather forecaster. While we do have some storm spotting training and certification, like other aspects of NCST, we take information and try to distill it into easy to understand, factual, and timely information that focuses on Coweta County. We do this by using tools like pivotal weather, weather tap, and the publicly available forecast of multiple trained meteorologist, including the National Weather Service.

On top of coverage posted to the main Facebook Page, weather related coverage is also, and in more depth, covered in the “NCST Weather Group”, a Facebook Group with specific detailed coverage of weather related content. At the time of writing this, there are currently 7.6K members of this group.

What You’re Bidding On

As the sponsor of the Weather Related Facebook Posts the sponsor will have a banner, like the example below, attached to each traffic related post on the NCST Facebook page and all post in the NCST Weather Group..

The Website Banner(s) will be placed in key locations throughout the site and display in a rotation with 5 other possible advertisers on the website. There are 3 separate banner sizes that are used to ensure that the ads display correctly for users on both desktops and mobile phones. The locations include on the homepage ( where there is currently a Google AdSense Ad ), and after the second paragraph of each article on the website.

We will be more than happy to create all the required banners for you at no cost, or can provide templates of you to complete and return.

How the Bid Process Works

Once posted, those that are interested in placing a bid will need to send an email to [email protected].


Bids will be accepted via email until 8 AM on Wednesday, June 21st, 2023. All bids received, with the required information, see below for details, will be considered.


Once all bids are opened and the highest bid is identified, NCST will reach out to that bidder. At that time the bidder will be asked to complete payment. If the bidder is unable to complete the process, or is unable to respond in a timely manner, then next highest bidder will be contacted until such time as a bidder completes the process.


Once payment has been completed, NCST will work with the sponsor to create the needed graphics. Once the graphics are complete, the sponsorship will immediately commence.

How to Submit your Bid

The value of the Weather Topic Posts Sponsorship is $1200 a quarter, or $400 a month. The cost of a website banner ad is normally $900 a quarter, or $300 a month. This sealed bid includes both and will have a starting bid of $1100 per quarter.




The starting bid amount is $1100 for 3 months. Please do not submit a bid lower than this amount.

Bids must be submitted via email to the following address, [email protected].


All bids must contain the following information to be considered.

– Contact Name
– Contact Email
– Contact Phone Number
– Business Name
– Business Address
– Business Website
– Your Bid // The total amount you’re willing to pay for the above stated sponsorship for a 3 month period.


Please make sure that you will be available Tuesday morning and that you have payment worked out by then.

The Terms of Your Bid

By placing a bid, you are agreeing to pay your bid price for the sponsorship stated above. Sponsorships are Non-Refundable.

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