Everything you need to know about how Sponsorships and Advertising work on our Website

Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring Content on the NCST Website. The sections below will help explain what advertising and Sponsorships are available and how they work.

We offer to avenues to advertise on the NCST platform. The first is by Sponsoring posts that relate to certain topics and the other is through single sponsored post that are posted at specific times throughout the week.

We strive to provide the best experience for our users, while also providing the best value for our sponsors and advertisers. We believe the best way to achieve this is to strike a careful balance in the number of ads being shown to the community while also ensuring that the ads being shown of as unobtrusive as possible while also being easily identifiable.

Web Banner Advertising

Our website is the home of our news and opinion content. It’s used to provide in depth coverage of large news stories affecting the community, as well as providing updates to stories originally posted on the Facebook Page.

Like most websites, we’ve designed sections of the site to accept common sizes for web banners.

Banner advertisements are served to visitors in a round-robin manner, meaning that each request to load the website by a visitor will show the next advertisement in line until the last advertisement is reached and then it starts over at the first advertisement.

The number of banner advertisers on the site is limited to six (6) at any one time. This allows for the best value for advertisers and the best experience for site visitors.

The banners will be linked to a URL chosen by the advertiser, i.e. a Facebook Page, or Company Website. NCST will create a short link ( using it’s own url shortener ) that will redirect the user instantly, and seamlessly, to the advertisers URL. This will allow NCST to track the number of link clicks and provide the data to the advertiser.

Each advertiser will have two (2) banners, one for display on desktop screens and one for mobile screens. The banners may be created by the advertiser ( we will provide a template ) or we will be more than happy to work with advertisers to create the banners free of charge. An example of these two banners can be seen below.

The banners will be placed in 2 distinct locations. The first of which is on the front page of the website and the second is below the 2nd paragraph of each article on the website.

Terms of Topical Post Sponsorship

Each Web Banner Advertisement is for a 3 month term, and is paid at the start of the term.

Those interested in Web Banner Advertising can contact us via the Facebook Page, or by emailing [email protected]. An invoice will be sent and upon payment, NCST will work with the advertiser to create the banner ads. Once approved by both parties, the advertisements will go live on the site and be served to visitors.

Payment is via PayPal Invoicing. Invoices are due on the date indicated on the invoice. PayPal allows for a large amount of payment options including credit and debit cards ( with or without a PayPal account ), and bank accounts and even financing for PayPal account holders. All Sponsorship payments are non-refundable.

Special Section Sponsorships

We have not currently opened any of the Special Sections for Sponsorship. Please check back soon.

Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic ( NCST ) is a service provided by R41D41 Industries, LLC. All Sponsorship and Advertising Invoicing and Agreements are between the Sponsor or Advertiser and R41D41 Industries, LLC.

NCST is a service provided to the community by R41D41 Industries, LLC. When information is power, we believe the information should be in the hands of the community.

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