Everything you need to know about how Sponsorships and Advertising work on our Facebook Page.

Thank you for your interest in Sponsoring Content on the NCST Facebook Page. The sections below will help explain what’s available to Sponsor, how the Sponsorship works and what’s included.

We offer to avenues to advertise on the NCST platform. The first is by Sponsoring posts that relate to certain topics and the other is through single sponsored post that are posted at specific times throughout the week.

We strive to provide the best experience for our users, while also providing the best value for our sponsors and advertisers. We believe the best way to achieve this is to strike a careful balance in the number of ads being shown to the community while also ensuring that the ads being shown of as unobtrusive as possible while also being easily identifiable.

Please note the following status of Topical Post Sponsorships

1. The Traffic Topic is currently being Sponsored by Rhino Services until July 31st, 2023. 

2. The Crime Topic is currently being Sponsored by Hazy Vapor Lounge until June 30th, 2023.

3. The Fire Topic is currently being Sponsored by Clayton Appliances until June 30th, 2023.

5. The Yeet ( Vehicle Pursuit ) Topic currently being Sponsored by Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy until June 30th, 2023.

Topical Post Sponsorship

The nature of our content lends itself to being easily categorized by a short list of topics. By Sponsoring a specific topic, you are Sponsoring all post made by NCST to it’s Facebook Page that relate to calls that fall within that topic. Below are a list of topics that are available for Sponsorship.

Each topic is Sponsored BY ONE SPONSOR AT A TIME. This means for the duration of your Sponsorship term, only your company is shown on posts within those topics.

It’s important to understand that the frequency of post is directly related to the number of incidents that occur during the time period of your Sponsorship term. For examples, if there’s no accidents that reach a level of posting on a given day, then no post will occur that day for that topic.

1.  Traffic

The Traffic topic is, on average, one of the most frequently posted topic types. Post normally see an influx on weekdays in the morning and afternoon as traffic increases, but can be sparse on the weekends when traffic is light.

Call types generally posted under this topic include, but are not limited to: Accidents, Accidents with Injuries, Traffic Hazards, Tree Down, Power Line Down, Road Closed, Road Blocked, Detour, and more.

2.  Crime

The Crime topic is, on average, one of the most frequently seen topic types. With a healthy mix of seriousness and levity, our crime post are the most shared, reacted and commented on posts on the platform.

Call types generally posted under this topic include, but are not limited to: Disputes, Disorderly Conduct, Assaults, Criminal Trespass, Theft, Entering Auto, Fight in Progress, and more.

3.  Fire

The Fire topic sees a healthy number of posts and interactions. From employee’s commenting on Commercial Fire Alarms, to the spectacle of a vehicle fire. The most common type of call under the Fire topic is Structure Fires, posts that elicit the best in the community with tons of prayers and well wishing’s.

Call types generally posted under this topic include, but are not limited to: Single Family Structure Fires, Commercial Fire Alarms, Brush and Gras Fires, Vehicle Fires, Explosions, Gas Leaks, and more.

4.  Weather

The topic of weather holds a special place in the hearts of our Community. NCST strives to provide early warning of upcoming severe weather events, as well as real time coverage of the impact of weather events that is focused on Coweta County.

Given the amount of content that can be generated during a weather event, it was decided that the weather content would be hosted in a topic specific Facebook Group, NCST Weather Group. Regular post preparing the community for the week ahead and informing them of chances of impactful weather bridge the normal lulls that occur between weather events. During those events, we will often live-stream weather and scanner content to the community.

Updates concerning upcoming impactful events, weather watches and warnings, as well as live-streams are all cross-posted to the main page and include your Sponsorship banner.

5.  Yeet ( Vehicle Pursuit )

If NCST is known for anything, it’s for the Yeet. In the 2 years the site has operated, the most anticipated content has always been the play by play of vehicle pursuits within the county.

So far in the first quarter of 2023 nearly 50 vehicle pursuits have occurred within the county. The post for these pursuits, as they happen, have recorded just over 1 million views on the Facebook Page.

We are working to document all the details of each of the pursuits, which will be published on the website as the 2023 Yeet Log. Sponsorship includes banner advertising on all vehicle pursuit related news articles and the Yeet log.


The winning bidder will also have their sponsorship mentioned in any vehicle pursuit video that is obtained by NCST during their sponsorship.

Terms of Topical Post Sponsorship

NCST will publicly announce a sealed bid process on the Facebook Page when a Sponsorship Topic becomes available. Please follow the instructions provided in the post. 

Each Topic has a single Sponsor at a time and each Sponsorship is for a 3 month term, that is paid at the start of the term.

Each Sponsor will have a banner placed on each post within a certain Topic. That banner can be created by the Sponsor ( we will provide a template ) or we will, at no cost, work with the Sponsor to create an agreeable Sponsorship banner. An example of a Sponsorship banner can be seen below.

Example Sponsorship Banner

Fifteen (15) days before the end of each term, the current Sponsor has to inform NCST if they are going to be continuing their Sponsorship for another term, at the same price. If a Sponsor decides they will be renewing their Sponsorship, they will be expected to pay the next term at the start of that term.

If a Sponsor indicates they will not be renewing for another term, the Topic will be filled using a public sealed bid process.

Payment is via PayPal Invoicing. Invoices are due on the date indicated on the invoice. PayPal allows for a large amount of payment options including credit and debit cards ( with or without a PayPal account ), and bank accounts and even financing for PayPal account holders. All Sponsorship payments are non-refundable.

Single Post Advertising

I’ve heard from a lot of companies that don’t necessarily have the budget for Sponsorship, but would still like the ability to interface with our large and active community. Single Post Advertising may be the answer you’re looking for.

Single Post Advertising will be limited to five (5) scheduled spots a week. Each spot is first come, first served. The schedule will be as follows.

Monday at 8 AM
Tuesday at 4 PM
Thursday at 8 AM
Friday at 4 PM
Sunday at 2 PM

These times have been chosen due to the fact they are normally peek times for post reach and engagement, meaning they will have the best result for advertisers.

Post will be marked with header reading “\\ Advertisement” and will contain text that is agreeable to both the post Sponsor and NCST. The post will be linked to whatever URL the advertiser chooses, i.e. Facebook Page, Company Website, etc. An example Single Post Advertisement can be seen blow.

Example Single Post Advertisment

NCST will create a short link ( using it’s own ncst.ink url shortener ) that will redirect the user instantly, and seamlessly, to the advertisers URL. This will allow NCST to track the number of link clicks and provide the data to the advertiser.

Terms of Single Post Advertisements

Those interested in a Single Post Advertisement can contact us via the Facebook Page, or by emailing [email protected]. We will provide you with the current list of open dates within the next 30 days. Once a date has been agreed upon, an invoice will be sent and upon payment the date/time is locked in and we will work with the advertiser on post content. The post will be scheduled via Facebook the agreed upon time/date.

Once the post has been posted to the Facebook Page, confirmation will be sent to the advertiser. The advertiser will be notified 24 hours later of the number of click throughs, as well as 48 hours from the time of posting.

Payment is via PayPal Invoicing. Invoices are due on the date indicated on the invoice. PayPal allows for a large amount of payment options including credit and debit cards ( with or without a PayPal account ), and bank accounts and even financing for PayPal account holders. All advertising payments are non-refundable.

Newnan Coweta Scanner Traffic ( NCST ) is a service provided by R41D41 Industries, LLC. All Sponsorship and Advertising Invoicing and Agreements are between the Sponsor or Advertiser and R41D41 Industries, LLC.

NCST is a service provided to the community by R41D41 Industries, LLC. When information is power, we believe the information should be in the hands of the community.

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