Motorcyclist dies after leading Deputies on pursuit that tops speeds of 150 MPH on I85

Alabama man looses control of bike near Grantville exit, wrecks at top speed

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At 11:44 PM last night, May 29th, 2023, a Deputy with the Coweta County Sheriffs Office working traffic enforcement on Interstate 85 attempted a traffic stop on a motorcycle at the 53 MM South.

The Deputy calmy provided a description to dispatch. A rider wearing jeans and a black jacket riding a black motorcycle with no tags displayed.

Within seconds, the Deputy informed dispatch that he was 10-80, or in pursuit of a vehicle failing to stop for a unit with activated lights and sirens. The Deputy relayed the speed at 100 MPH

A Deputy asks him to him to repeat the current speed again just seconds later, he responds current speeds of 130 MPH as they approach Exit 51. The same Deputy, presumably a ranking member of the shift, then ask what charges ( or the reason for the stop ) they have. The pursuing Deputy responds that he’d observed the motorcycle speeding and driving recklessly, and again reinforces the fact it had no tag.

Its now 11:45 PM as the pursuing Deputy updates dispatch that they are coming up on the 49 MM at speeds of 150 MPH.

Other members of the E911 dispatch start working to inform agencies to the south of the pursuit including the Newnan Police Department, the Grantville Police Department and the Georgia State Patrol.

These agencies, along with other members of the CCSO move to either intercept and join the pursuit or take positions in an attempt to stop the motorcycle if it exits within the agencies jurisdiction.

2 minutes later, at 11:47 PM, after jumping between lanes and slowing to 140 MPH, the pursuing Deputy updates they are back at 150 MPH and coming up to Exit 47 in the number 1, or fast, lane. 17 seconds later and the motorcycle has moved to the number 3, or slow, lane and apparently makes a movement that makes the pursuing Deputy believe that he’s going to exit the interstate.

The next transmission by the pursuing Deputy, 10 seconds later, informs dispatch and units that he’d moved back towards the fast lane and they were now passing exit 47 at 150 MPH.

At 11:48 PM the pursuing Deputy now updates they are passing under the “Newnan” Linc Bridge in the number 1 lane at speeds of 150 MPH. At 11:49 PM the motorcycle is reportedly going 140 MPH as the pursuit approaches exit 41.

11 seconds later, still at 11:49 PM, the pursuit passes exit 41 at speeds of 145 MPH. A GSP Trooper comes onto the CCSO dispatch to inform the pursuing Deputy that he is awaiting the pursuit at the 39 MM.

At 11:50 PM, the pursuing Deputy updates that they are approaching the 40 MM at speeds of 150 MPH. 10 seconds later, the Deputy informs dispatch that they’ve reached the awaiting GSP unit and that the GSP unit has taken the lead position in the pursuit.

At 11:50:40 PM the pursuing Deputy updates that they are reaching the 38 MM and that the motorcycle was attempting to pass on the left inside median. He also states that they were going to attempt to box the motorcycle in, a tactic that CCSO and GSP units successfully used just last month in another similar pursuit.

By 11:51 PM the pursuit is reaching MM 37 at speeds of 130 MPH, 30 seconds later they are reaching MM 36 at speeds of 140 MPH, and by 11:52 PM they are approaching exit 35 now at speeds of 150 MPH.

10 seconds later, still at 11:52 PM, and going 142 MPH, the pursuing Deputy calls out 10-50, 10-50, the 10 code for a vehicle wreck. The Deputy cautions units behind him that the motorcycle and it’s rider are down somewhere on the roadway. The suspect, it seems from information available, lost control of the motorcycle laying it down.

In quick succession, the pursuing Deputy tells Deputies behind him to stop traffic where it is incase the suspect is laying in the roadway. A Deputy that had covering a possible exit at exit 41 immediately stops traffic at the exit. Further units join the GSP Trooper and pursuing Deputy at the scene of the crash helping to locate the suspect.

By 11:53 PM the suspect has been located and Deputies have requested EMS respond as fast as possible. They start relaying medical information to dispatch so it can get to responding EMT units en route. They also request dispatch start the process of finding a Life Flight helicopter to respond to the scene. One is located and starts heading to land at the scene of the accident on the interstate.

As soon as Deputies located the suspect they determined he needed CPR and began providing it immediately and reportedly getting a pulse back as Fire and EMS units arrived. Fire and EMS units would work to stabilize the patient sufficiently to allow for him to be transported via Life Flight to an trauma center.

With the helicopter just minutes out, EMS units on scene made the determination they were not going to be able to stabilize the patient sufficiently for helicopter transport. Instead, they would divert the helicopter and take the patient via ambulance to Piedmont Newnan Hospital in hopes of being able to stabilize him there for transport.

The ambulance would leave the scene at 12:15 AM and arrive at Piedmont Newnan Hospital 9 minutes later. Just before 1 AM PNH requested that the Coroner respond to the hospital as the suspect had passed. 

The Suspect

The suspect, Jarred Lee Jacobs, 34, was a resident of Smiths Station, Alabama located just north of Phenix City.

While booking and court records show a lengthy criminal history in the Columbus / Phenix City area, Jacobs had no known criminal history in Coweta County.

It is not apparent, and law enforcement has not given any reason Jacobs may have made the decision to evade police, especially at such a great extent.

The Georgia State Patrol would keep the interstate closed for an extended period of time so that units could thoroughly collect information needed in investigations of fatality accidents.

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