Overnight fire leads to discovery of numerous Entering Autos, possible Arson

What started as a house fire has lead to a burned out vehicle and numerous autos that were entered

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Just after 3:15 AM this morning, E911 received a call for a possible structure fire in the 200 block of Greenville Street in Newnan.

AS NFD and CCFD units responded E911 was updated with more information stating the fire was coming from a vehicle behind the residence. The fire was threatening the residence.

Crews with the NFD arrived and were able to put the vehicle fire out before it was able to catch the residence on fire and no one was hurt.

As NFD crews put out the fire, NPD units that had arrived on scene to assist fire with traffic control somehow became aware of a vehicle that had been entered into in a nearby lot.

As is often the case, NPD units searched that lot, as well as other lots along the Greenville St. area, finding that vehicles had been entered into in at least 5 separate used car lots in the area.

Of particular interest was a number of the vehicles had their gas tank filler doors open, with evidence gas had been removed from the vehicles.

With this news information, the Fire Marshall was contacted and is investigating along with the NPD the initial vehicle fire as a possible case of arson.

This is an active and ongoing investigation. If you have any information you are asked to contact 911.

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