Stabbing Suspect Has Nose Bitten, and Arrest Covered by On Patrol: Live

CCSO Deputies respond to reported stabbing, find suspect with a bloody nose, hard nipples and a story to tell.

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Just before 8 PM on January 19th, 2024, E911 received a call from a female at a residence in the 1700 Block of Palmetto Tyrone Rd stating there was a male actively stabbing her husband.

The caller, who turned out to be the owner of the residence, stated a male by the name of Matthew Griffin was the suspect stabbing him.

Dispatch asked if the victim and others could get to a safe location away from the suspect, to which the caller stated they couldn’t. This created an even higher urgency for responding units, who responded fast and well-armed.

When Deputies arrived they made contact with a female in the driveway who stated the suspect and the victim were still in the house – directing units to an open garage. As units turned their attention to the garage, ballistic shields and rifles in hand, the suspect exited the garage, shirtless with blood pouring from his face.

Deputies ordered the suspect to put his hands on his head and go to his knees, to the suspect’s credit he followed the Deputies’ commands and was quickly placed into custody without further incident.

With the suspect in custody, EMS was able to enter the house and remove the stabbing victim, quickly transporting him to an Atlanta area hospital. There’s been no update on his condition, however, they were believed to be non-life-threatening.

As the suspect denies that he’s stabbed anyone, deputies searching him locate and remove a large folding knife from his pants pocket. It’s learned that the apparent stabbing victim apparently bit the nose of the suspect during the incident.

The suspect is identified as 46-year-old Matthew Kristian Griffin, who according to booking documents resides at the address of the incident.

While authorities have not released information regarding the relationship between the suspect and the other residents of the home, he does share the same last name as the Owner of the residence.

Griffin is transported by Deputies to the hospital for treatment to his nose injury before being booked into the Coweta County Jail on the following charge(s):

Matthew Kristian Griffin Booking Photo

A search of court and booking records shows no previous criminal charges for Griffin, with only a few decades-old cases relating to custody and child support.

On Patrol: Live 

DS Shawn Searels was one of the Deputies that responded to the scene. On this particular Friday night, DS Searels was accompanied by the crew from On Patrol: Live ( OPL ), a REELZ Network TV show that follows officers around the country for 3 hours each Friday and Saturday night.

Thousands of viewers watched as this night’s episode started with a live broadcast of the response to the call, with DS Searels arriving moments after the first Deputies on the scene.

As the situation progresses, viewers were provided with what can only be described as the cold, inebriated ramblings of a country boy a few crayons short of a 12-pack.

The suspect is seen continuously spitting as blood is pouring down his face from his injured nose. He then starts a rollercoaster of being nice, and then abrasive with officers as he first informs them that his daughter had just gotten out of rehab and he’s supposed to have protected her. 

As time passes, DS Searels attempts to make some sense of the situation as he becomes increasingly tired of the suspect spitting blood in his direction, eventually helping the suspect to a seated position after the suspect continues spitting.

The shirtless suspect soon feels the effects of the freezing temperatures, asking for a shirt and starting the first of many mentions of his “Hard Nipples.” Turning to the camera, he then addresses the “People out there in Hootie Hoot Land,” advising them to ” fight your way out of [ expletive ] jail. If he bites you, bite your way out of jail, like take chunks, take chunks, and spit them on the ground.”

EMS then arrived to check on the suspect, draping a sheet around him to which he is very appreciative as his ” Nipples were hard as [ expletive ]. When asked his name by EMS, he responds ” Depends on where you’re from ” while laughing.

We then see the suspect placed in the back of a squad car as DS Searels provides the audience with a summary of the call as it stands, adding that the suspect will be charged but before being booked is being taken to the hospital for treatment for his nose.

The Warrant Arrest

While not related to the original stabbing call, and not discussed during the OPL Coverage, booking records show that a second resident, Brianna Iona Griffin, 26, of that residence, was booked into the Coweta County Jail that night on the following charge:

  • HOLD FOR OTHER AGENCY, Misdomeaner

The charge stems from a misdemeanor warrant from another County.

Griffin’s only other known booking was in April of 2023 on a charge of Contempt of Juvenile Court, with a case around the same time in Superior Court that seems to have seen the State of GA suing Griffin for the recovery of Child Support.

Outside of sharing the same last name as the suspect and the homeowner, it’s unknown what Brianna’s Griffin relationship to the other residences on seen is.

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