Saturday Morning Incident on Bullsboro Drive Believed to be a Suicide

The death of an unknown female in the early morning hours of March 16th is being investigated as a suicide.

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From the Editor: NCST normally doesn’t report on suicides. However, in certain instances, particularly those that occur in a public setting, providing the community with certain information is warranted. It’s with this in mind the following information is provided.

On March 16th, just before 3 AM, E911 started receiving multiple calls stating that a woman was lying in the eastbound lanes of Bullsboro Dr under the I85 bridge.

NPD and CCFD were immediately dispatched to the area, initial reports were that the female victim had been hit by a vehicle.

Within minutes calls came in from witnesses who had been traveling on I85 as well as more witnesses from Bullsboro Dr. These witnesses reported seeing the female victim jump from the top of the I85 overpass and being hit by a vehicle that was traveling down Bullsboro Dr.

NPD officers arrived on the scene within minutes of the initial dispatch, finding a female victim in the roadway who had passed from her injuries.

Investigators would find the victim’s Chrysler Pacifica parked along the I85 Northbound loop entrance.
The identity of the victim has not been publically released, and will not be released by NCST.

The following is what we believe to have occurred given the information available. This is an active investigation and information and facts may change as it proceeds. Please use this context as you read the following information.

It appears that the female victim parked her vehicle on the side of the northbound entrance loop, exited her vehicle, and walked to the edge of the overpass bridge before jumping to the eastbound lanes of Bullsboro Dr. below. She was then struck by a passing vehicle. 

Previous Law Enforcement Contact 

NCST has been able to confirm that earlier that night the female had an interaction with units from the Senoia Police Department.

At 12:57 AM a unit with the SPD performed a traffic stop of the victim at Rockaway Rd at Coweta St. According to radio traffic during the stop that lasted approximately 30 minutes, SPD officers requested a welfare check at an address at an address in the County, inquired about the victims history, offered her medical services, and changed a flat tire on her vehicle.

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office sent a unit to the requested address where they were able to make contact with a resident who confirmed everything was ok at the location. According to dispatch, the victim had no history available outside of previous citations. The victim refused any medical treatment.

Having helped change her tire and with no reason to detain her, she was released from the stop just before 1:30 AM.

It’s unknown what the victim did in the period between being released from the stop and parking her vehicle on the side of the entrance ramp.

The Growing Mental Health Crisis – From the Admin

While how this individual chose to take her life may be particularly impactful, she was not alone in fighting the darkness of mental health. In just the 24-hour period preceding this event units responded to at least 6 calls reporting either an actual attempt or individuals that had communicated suicidal ideations ( thoughts or plans of self-harm ).

According to dispatch data, Medical units have responded to well over 100 calls of this type so far this year. The true number is larger, with calls dispatched under other nature codes, particularly those coded overdoses, which can ultimately be motivated by suicide.

While there has been a movement towards providing more resources with programs like Coweta Cares, the growth of resources has been greatly outpaced by the need for mental health services by members of our community.

This can be seen in issues that go hand and hand with mental health including addiction, homelessness, and sadly, crime.

In order to make progress in improving the state of Mental Health within our community we must understand that there are these multiple facets to the issue and they must be addressed as a whole. Those in need of help must have access to sufficient resources to address all the underlying issues at the same time.

Available Resources

If you are fighting the darkness that comes with mental health issues and the issues it causes, please reach out to someone. The resources below are here to help you.


If you are having immediate thoughts of self-harm, or believe someone you know is, please call 911. Dispatchers are trained and willing to listen to you and ensure that you receive the appropriate resources immediately.


The 988 Suicide and Crisis Line is available 24/7 through both phone and text and in both English and Spanish. It is staffed by trained individuals who are there to listen to anything you have to say and provide you with further resources that may help in your fight.

Pathways Center is located in Newnan off Hosptial Rd and has both an Adult and Child/Adolescent campus. More information regarding their services can be found at their website or by calling 678-423-4610

Coweta FORCE is located in Newnan at 36 Salbide Ave. Coweta FORCE provides peer services to those suffering from addiction through a host of programs. Support services for loved ones affected by addiction are also available. More information and schedules for their programs can be found on their website or by calling 678-633-5688​.

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