Local man dies on Thanksgiving after being struck on Bullsboro Dr.

Victim was on Bullsboro Dr when he was struck by a red Chevy Colorado

Home News Local man dies on Thanksgiving after being struck on Bullsboro Dr.

A local man was stuck and killed Thursday evening while walking on Bullsboro Dr near Celebrate Life Parkway.

E911 started receiving calls regarding the accident just before 6:30 PM. Units arrived to find the victim, John Clifton Brumbelow, 58, had been struck by a red Chevrolet Colorado. 

Brumbelow was found unresponsive and initial units on the scene started CPR before EMS arrived and took him to Piedmont Newnan Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

Brumbelow, originally from Martin, GA, north-east of Atlanta, had been a transient resident of the area for at least the last 6 months.

Booking records show that Brumbelow had been booked and released just last Saturday on a charge of Public Drunkness after Deputies were called to the Sleep Inn Mainstay off Amlajack for Disorderly Conduct. This was the second time he’d been charged with Public Drunkeness in the area this year, with the previous booking being on May 21st at the IHOP. 

Booking records also show that he was arrested on the 8th of November, again at IHOP, for failure to appear on the May 21st charge.

This marks the 2nd tragic death of a transient person in that area of Bullsboro this year. 

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