Belk Rd resident arrested after shooting at Repo driver

The suspect hit the Repo vehicle at least once.

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Just before 11 AM Thursday morning, E911 started receiving calls from residents in the area of 97 Belk road stating that there was a black male in pajama pants shooting at a vehicle.

Newnan Police Department units were dispatched to the scene. While responding, E911 received a call from the victim, a Repo driver that had continued their retreat under fire and made it to the parking lot of Crook’s Marketplace. Several units also began to respond to meet with the victim.

Units arriving at the 97 Belk road scene found 2 children alone and bullet casings in the roadway. They secured the scene and called for crime scene units as well as investigators.

Units that met with the victim noted at least one bullet hole in the victims vehicle.

After an investigation, units with the Newnan Police Department located and arrested Kenneth Lydell Foster, 56, of Newnan and booked him into the Coweta County Jail on the following charges.


 Foster remains in custody at the jail after being denied bond by Judge Stokely during his first appearance. 

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