BREAKING: Suspect in custody after shooting at warehouse off Dart Road, spent time in prison for 2018 shooting.

The suspect shot a co-worker just after 8AM this morning before fleeing.

Home NewsCrime BREAKING: Suspect in custody after shooting at warehouse off Dart Road, spent time in prison for 2018 shooting.


Sylvester Florence Jr, 46, of Newnan was booked into the Coweta County Jail yesterday on the following charges in relation to the shooting at LKQ GPS ( Global Powertrain ).

Aggravated Assault
Possession of Firearm or Knife During Commission…
Receipt, Possession, or Transport of Firearm by Convicted Felon
VGCSA SCH 1/2 Narcotic Possession

All of the charges are felonies. He had a court appearance in front of Judge Stokely this morning where he was denied bond.

Just after 8AM this morning, E911 started receiving calls stating that a worker had shot a co-worker at Global Power Train located at 32 Dart Road.

Units from every available agency immediately headed to the scene. Upon arriving units started receiving information that the suspect had fled out of the back of the business and jumped on a pink motorcycle. This information was given to dispatch who put out a BOLO to all local agencies.

A Newnan Police Officer heard the BOLO and informed dispatch he was behind a motorcycle and rider matching the BOLO near Farmer St. After a short pursuit, the NPD officer was able to arrest the suspect near the intersection of Murray St and Cole St.

Units continue to work the scene and investigate the shooting. The building has been cleared and employees are being questioned and released.

We have been able to confirm the identity of the suspect from witnesses and other sources.

Sylvester Florence Jr, 46, of Newnan has been identified as the suspect in custody.

We are hearing from a large numbers of workers that had concerns about Florence, his anger, and the threat he posed to employees. A number of employees that have reached out have stated that he had been released and brought back just recently. More concerning is that they had shared these concerns, including his carrying various types of weapons within the facility, with no result.

Criminal History

Court and Booking records show that Florence had been in state prison until August of last year for an August 2018 incident where he was charges with a handful of charges including Assault Aggravated with a Firearm. According to the indictment, Florence had fired at another male in an attempt to kill him. That case was settled with a plea after 2 years. Florence was given 15 years, with 4 years to serve. 

Criminal records show at least 12 prior bookings for the suspect ranging from meth and cocaine charges to shoplifting. Georgia Department of Corrections Incarceration Records show that Florence has spent time in state prison at least 5 times, starting in 1996.

Ominous Social Media Post

Looking at the public Facebook Profile of Florence, one can see ominous, angry posts referencing a hatred for police and perhaps more alarmingly, a post in which he states ” I see death around the corner, ” posted just 2 days ago.

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