Link discovered between suspects, location of July 2nd Bethlehem Road Shooting

Suspects appear to both be members of the "Forgotten Few" Motorcycle Club

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It’s been over a week since the early morning shooting that left a male victim in an Atlanta hospital and two men in jail on multiple felony charges.

On July 3rd the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office released the following statement regarding the shooting.

On Sunday, July 2nd, at approximately 4:00am, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a residence on Bethlehem Church Rd. in reference to a male gunshot victim.


Once on scene, the victim was located and first aid was rendered while other deputies detained several individuals, some of whom were armed with firearms.


The victim told deputies he was sitting in his truck with his fiancé when two males approached from both the driver’s side and passenger’s side and shot him. The victim was taken to an Atlanta hospital where his condition is unknown.


Aaron Scott and Jacob Ridley were arrested and are being charged with False Imprisonment, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, and Possession of a Firearm during the Commission of a Felony, with additional charges possible.


The CCSO Criminal Investigations Unit is investigating this incident. Updates will be provided as they become available.

While researching the suspects that were arrested, NCST staff uncovered a link between them and the location at which the shooting occurred.

Editor’s Note: The following information is meant only to show a commonality between aspects of the incident and not to in anyway accuse the MC as a whole, or any members individually other then those charged, in any criminal activity. Only the information sufficient to show the commonality, using public records and information, is included. Identities have been redacted where needed. At this time only two individuals, Scott and Ridley have been charged with a crime and they are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

The Forgotten Few Motorcycle Club

While reviewing publicly accessible information on Facebook, a link quickly became apparent between both  Aaron Scott and Jacob Ridley, their membership in a motorcycle club called “The Forgotten Few” which, according to their patch claims to be out of Grantville, GA.

Both Jacob Ridley and Aaron Scott can be seen in the undated photo above, purportedly of the then members of the Forgotten Few MC.

In further researching the ties between the suspects and the MC, the name Levy Yearwood, also seen in the image above, kept popping up. A quick look at the county tax records show that Dwyane Levy Yearwood is the owner of the property where the shooting occurred. Dispatch audio referring to the “Property Owner” being on scene when units arrived seems to confirm his location during the incident.

It seems from information gathered, that the image above was taken at the MC’s “Club House”, which is a detached building behind a home on the property owned by Yearwood and the location at which the shooting occurred.

Not much information is available about the Forgotten Few MC, including when it was created. What information that is available shows a generous group who’ve organized rides out of the Newnan Harley Davidson Dealership to help local families with back to school supplies two years running, as well as helping Bridging the Gap provide shoes for children in Grantville.

The Victims & Motive

No further information has been provided by authorities on the identification of either victim or the male victims condition.

Likewise, no further information has been released regarding any motive in the shooting, including if the suspects links to the MC played a part.

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