For the Second Time in Two Weeks, Local Man in Jail for Family Violence Related Charges

The suspect has been armed in both incidents.

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Brian Wayne Reese, 41, was booked back into the Coweta County Jail today, January 30th, just eight days after being booked for similar charges and released on bond.

The First Incident

On January 22nd, E911 received a series of calls within minutes of each other, both centering around suspicious behavior in the 800 block of Highway 54. The first call came in around 8:05 PM in the area of Frazier’s at 897 Highway 154.

The caller stated that there was a ” car driving through the woods, trying to flag him down “, the caller then informed dispatch that the vehicle was now following him on the roadway.  Dispatched units were now heading for the scene. Dispatch informed officers that the caller, being followed by the suspect vehicle, were going north on Highway 154 towards Lower Fayetteville Rd.

Units were now heading to intercept the vehicles as they headed north, dispatch informed officers that the caller had seen the driver of the suspect vehicle get out of the vehicle ” waving something ” prior to follow him on the roadway. Around 8:07 PM, the caller advised the suspect vehicle had taken a left down Lower Fayetteville Rd and that they had continued straight down Highway 154. The caller was unable to give a vehicle description.

With no vehicle description, and a caller that did not want to meet, officers discontinued their intercept attempt and responded back to original address where the vehicle had been seen driving through the woods.

Around 8:15 PM, E911 received a call for discharging firearms at an address in the 700 block of Highway 154 stating a person was shooting at a house. The caller reporting the incident told the 911 operator that ” he had to go ” before disconnecting the call.

Deputies begin responding the location, as E911 attempted to call the original reporting party back. The first deputy arrived at the location two minutes after the call was dispatched. That deputy reported not seeing anything upon arrival and stepped out to begin investigating the scene. Moments later he informed other units responding that he could now hear a ” loud disturbance ” within the residence.

The deputy on scene then asked dispatch to ” hold traffic “, a common practice when units are entering a particularly dangerous scene. The deputy then informs dispatch ” [ audio clipped ] inside the home, threatening to shoot at law enforcement. I’ve got the wife out of the house “, the unit then gives dispatch a phone number, asking that they attempt to make contact and determine if the individual is within the house.

He then also informs dispatch that the wife was unsure if the mother-in-law and children were also still within the residence. Its believed the phone number given to dispatch was for the mother-in-law.

The deputy on scene then works with incoming units to set up a perimeter and to ensure that they have a visual on all points of egress from the residence. He also informs dispatch at this time that the person reported to be inside the house and making threats is a Brian Reese and ask for dispatch to attempt to get any contact information for that individual. Dispatch confirms a middle name of Wayne.

By 8:24 PM, the deputy relays to dispatch that he now has the mother-in-law and children safely outside of the house, however the father, who suffers from undisclosed medical conditions remained within the house and was not able to evacuate without help. The deputy informs incoming units that the wife was stating that the last time she’d seen Reese was in the kitchen / front yard, and that there was a second house further back from the road on the same property that they’d been staying in.

Additional units arrive and are directed to strategic locations around the property by the initial deputy while dispatch continues to attempt contact with Brian. Units priority at this point is the safety of the father, still inside the residence, with a secondary priority of ensuring the suspect, if still in the house, is unable to leave.

Deputies on the back side of the suspect house, inform the initial deputy that there is a truck, with it’s hazard lights on, near the second house on the property. A few minutes later, at 8:29 PM, a deputy on the back side of the property with a visual on the house and truck in the back of the property comes on the radio and states ” I’ve got a male out front walking towards that truck with the hazard lights on “. He then states that the truck has been started and that the reverse lights had been activated. The truck then starts down the dirt driveway, heading for Highway 154. Units start to scramble from their locations around the house to intercept the truck.

As a unit starts down the dirt driveway, the suspect truck stops and starts reversing back towards the house. The initial deputy reminds everyone that the wife stated the suspect had a gun on him the last time she’d seen him.

Deputies make contact with the truck, with a deputy confirming that the single occupant of the truck is the Brian Reese suspect. The initial deputy then ask units to clear the initial home and to make contact with the father to ensure he was safe. By 8:40 PM the suspect, Brian Wayne Reese, is in custody, the house has been cleared and everyone is safe.

As a result of his criminal activity during this incident, Brian Wayne Reese was booked into the Coweta County Jail on the following charges:

Assault Simple – Family Violence
Criminal Trespass with Property Damage

Both of the charges were misdemeanors. He was given bond, and was released at some point.

The Second Incident

On January 30th, 2023, just after 10:30 AM, E911 was contacted by a member of the Coweta County Solicitors Office that they had been informed that Brian Wayne Reese was at the location of the initial incident off Highway 154 and that he was threatening the mother-in-law and 2 children on scene.

As units were responding, dispatch was notified that Reese was leaving the location in his White Dodge Ram, the same he’d been arrested in during the previous incident. Dispatch was also able to confirm that he was alone in the truck and that the mother-in-law and children were still at the residence off Highway 154. According to dispatch audio, dispatch was informed that prior to leaving the residence Reese had struck the mother-in-law in front of the children and attempted to punch out the window of her vehicle.

At 10:43 AM, an officer located the white dodge ram sitting on the side of 1200 block of Highway 154 and initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, at the same time another deputy was making contact with the mother-in-law and children at the residence.

Given the past incident, Reese’s threats and the fact he is known to carry weapons, deputies preformed a felony stop on the vehicle. Deputies were able to place Reese in custody without further incident. He was carrying a firearm at the time of the stop.

For his criminal activity during this incident, Brian Wayne Reese was booked into the Coweta County Jail on the following charges:

Disorderly Conduct
Terroristic Threats and Acts ( Threats )

He remains in jail at the time of writing this article.

Both Incidents remain under investigation and further charges may be pending.

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