THE LAW: New Bill Introduced Aims to Criminalize Unsafe Weapon Storage

HB 135 Holds Gun Owners Responbile if they Fail to Secure Weapons that are then Used in a Crime

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Representative Mary Margaret Oliver has introduced House Bill 135 ( Crimes and offenses; establish offense of failure to adequately secure a firearm ) in the Georgia Assembly. The Bill has had five co-sponsor’s sign on since it was introduced. 

The Bill seeks to add the following language to the current law:


(a) Any owner of a firearm who possesses, stores, or leaves the firearm in a manner in which he or she knew or should have known that another individual could obtain the firearm shall be guilty of the offense of failure to adequately secure a firearm when the firearm is obtained by:

(1) A minor and exhibited in a public place or while making a threat of violence; or

(2) Any individual, regardless of age, and used during the commission of a crime or during an act which results in the injury or death of such individual or another when such act was not the lawful defense of people or property.

(b) A violation of this Code section shall be a misdemeanor punishable by a fine of not less than $500.00.”

In an interview with 11Alive, Oliver explained that the Bill wasn’t about taking guns away from people, but instead making irresponsible gun owners responsible when their guns get in the hands of criminals that then use it in a crime, or in the hands of children.

As it’s currently written, the Bill seems crafted to situations that are all too often in the headlines. From kids found with guns in schools, to toddlers shooting themselves or others with guns found laying around, to guns stolen from vehicles being used by criminals during the commission of more serious crimes. 

Entering Autos is a sky rocketing crime here in Coweta County, with guns being one of the most stolen items.

Oliver, a Democrat, has been able to get five of her fellow Democrat law makers to co-sponsor the bill, however stated “she hasn’t had a lot of hope from her Republican colleagues to take up this conversation regarding HB 135, she hopes after another year of a record homicide rate in Atlanta and the number of teens getting their hands on guns and even being shot, her colleagues will prove her wrong.

HB 135 has been assigned to the House Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security, which is Chaired by Rep. J Collins, a Republican representing the 71st District in Villa Ricca.

If you feel strongly one way or another about the future of this legislation, make sure to contact your representative and make your voice heard. You can find your legislator, and their contact information, at the following link.

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