Grantville PD Officers locate and return child kidnapped by mother in Cherokee County

Caught on I 85 South, the mother is now in jail in Cherokee County

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Around 4 PM this afternoon Officials with the Woodstock PD / Cherokee County SO informed Coweta County E911 that they were tracking a suspect that had kidnapped a child from their area on Interstate 85 heading south into the county.

Dispatch broadcast the BOLO information to both the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office and the Grantville Police Department to be on the lookout for a suspect vehicle.

As is the case with these fluid situations, information was rapidly changing with vehicle and tag information being updated in real-time as units from both agencies took post along the interstate in an attempt to locate the suspect.

Within minutes of the BOLO being dispatched, a GPD officer spotted a vehicle that matched the make/model but had a temporary tag ( in the information given to dispatch this vehicle was supposed to have a tag, while another possible vehicle had a temp tag ), the officer got behind the vehicle and while it didn’t match all the bolo information perfectly, decided to stop and ensure that it wasn’t the suspect vehicle.

That was a great decision. Within 15 minutes of receiving the BOLO, GPD had stopped the correct suspect vehicle, placed the suspect in custody, and safely taken the child into custody.

The suspect, Ashlynn McCrane, 31, was arrested on a warrant issued by the reporting agency and is currently in the Coweta County Jail awaiting pickup by the other agency.

This incident is an example of a form of kidnapping by a non-custodial parent, or a parent that does not have physical custody of their child as the result of a court order.

As of October 20th, 2023, McCrane has been transferred to the Cherokee County Jail where she is currently being held without bond on a single felony charge of Kidnapping.


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