Juvenile Entering Auto suspects spotted by homeowner, lead Deputies on vehicle pursuit

The vehicle the pair ran in was reported stolen May 15th

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Update – Correction from the Editor

As I’ve stated previously – it’s hard to track juvenile suspects due to record restrictions and the care given to protect their identities.

With that in mind, please understand the following information is sourced and vetted as well as I can given the information I have at hand and is subject to change given future information becoming available.

After some further research including listening again to dispatch audio, as well as educating myself further on the juvenile process in Coweta County, it seems that while the parents of these suspects were summoned to the Sheriff’s Office last night, they did end up taking a trip to the Clayton County YDC at the end of their questioning.

It’s true that a majority of juvenile suspects are released to their parents with a summons to the juvenile court, it’s also true that there are certain levels of crimes, mainly serious felonies, that permit them to be detained immediately.

It’s my understanding that these offenders are scheduled relatively quickly for ” Detention Hearings ” before a judge so that evidence can be brought for why their continued detainment in the YDC is sought.

Just before 3 AM this morning, E911 received a call from a resident off Applewood Circle stating they’d heard someone going through their vehicles in their driveway.

Deputies with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to the location. One of the Deputies responding to the scene came upon a vehicle that had it’s inside light on in the area. The Deputy ran the vehicles tag and attempted to stop the vehicle. At that time the vehicle sped away from the unit.

At 3AM, less then 10 minutes after the initial dispatch, Deputies were in pursuit of the suspect vehicle. The pursuit started on Highway 16 East near Turkey Creek and reached speeds in excess of 110 MPH. 

The pursuit ended moments later when the suspects reached Highway 29 South and took a right towards downtown Newnan. The pursuing Deputy, seeing an opportunity to end the pursuit, made contact with the suspect vehicle in front of Dollar General. The suspects, and the vehicle, ended up down an embankment on the side of Highway 29 South.

After a short foot chase, 2 juvenile males were placed into custody. The vehicle they had run in, a hyundai elantra, ended up being stolen from the area of Corn Crib on May 15th.

Deputies would go to the area of Belmount Park in Newnan to rouse the juvenile’s parents awake.

As juveniles, they will receive complaints and be released to their parents pending court dates.

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