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Shit parents are ruining a generation, and their children are running rabbid

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Warning, harsh language and harsh thoughts ahead – if you can’t handle either, go away now. The views below are mine alone and don’t represent any other particular person or entity.

About 35 minutes ago, calls started to come into E911 about a group of children, 20 to 25 strong in numbers, fighting in the parking lot in front of target.
Like a heard of uneducated, undisciplined, dogs, the kids were attacking a few other kids within the center of the group. The entire group floating east bound through the parking lots like the crack smoke their useless parents must have been smoking before conceiving them.
When units, for the 3rd time tonight, arrived, the children, like rats, scattered into the dark in as many directions as children running.
I’mma be frank. This is the direct and absolute result of shit parenting. If your child is one of those 20 that is constantly running around the Ashley Park area, unsupervised, uneducated, disrespectful and often committing criminal activities, then they are there because YOU ARE A SHIT PARENT.
It isn’t the communities fault you don’t have control over your child. It’s not the communities fault that you apparently don’t accept the responsibility for what you made a decision to bring into the world. It certainly isn’t the communities fault that you’re a failure.
The excuses are growing old and while it’s not the communities fault, it’s the community members that have to deal with the results of your shit parenting. It’s the community, it’s businesses, it’s teachers and it’s law enforcement officers that have to deal with it… and I think I speak for a majority of us when I say that we are fucking tired of it.
We’re tired of not being able to shop without the worry of our cars being broken into, the worry of being accosted by your insulant little punks while just trying to buy something or see a movie.
We’re heart broken of watching them tear the shit out of each other with violence equaling any adults around.
The reality is you don’t give a shit that you’re a shit parent. If you did we wouldn’t be here. If you accepted responsibility instead of making excuses, your child would have less entitlement and more responsibility and would surely be somewhere other then beating the hell out of each other in a parking lot.
But since that’s the reality, It’s time for us as a community to react, not to your children, that isn’t working, but to you.
The City of Newnan needs to set a curfew at a given time, after which no child under the age of 17, unless for the purpose of work or emergency, should be in these areas without an adult GUARDIAN escorting them.
If your child is caught out in violation of the curfew, you should be fined, and on subsequent violations you shall be charged with a misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
I feel for these children, devoid of actual parental guidance, and more then likely any actual love. It’s their future that is being flushed down the drain by the actions of those that are supposed to be their most ardent supporters, providers and protectors.
There are parents out there facing children with complex, and very real, mental health issues. This is not in any way directed to those parents. You, and you’re children are not the issue, they are not the ones being dropped off or let out of nearby residences to roam freely and wreck havoc.
If this opinion angers you, good. If you feel called out, great. Do something about it. Anything. Just don’t let it be to throw some bullshit excuse, actually do something for a change, I know effort might not come naturally, but I need you to focus, put on the big people pants and fucking do something.
– The Admin

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