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In the first page of Muse’s Letter, he addresses his want for a Bench Trial and attempts to dispute everything anyone has said as Hearsay. In doing so he begins the Letter by showing his complete lack of knowledge of legal procedures and theory.

[ Header ]

Affidavit of Fact
Bench Trial
Hearsay Rule

March 25th, 20233

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Note: This is a direct transcription of the letter. He refers to himself in third person throughout. Spelling errors have been corrected, words have not been changed. Words in CAPITAL and underlined are his emphasis.

  1. Jacob Christian Muse officially objects to hearsay via The hearsay rule GA Code 800-802… He also officially invokes his right to a bench trail waiving his right to a Jury Trial. He objects to all police reports, statements, and testimonies written and oral. They are all Hearsay. He asks that all eye witnesses are subpoenaed and objects to their statements and hearsay. He is ready for trial there is no evidence.

[ Footnotes ]

There are no footnotes in this page of the Letter.

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