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Civil Suit(s) against multiple defendants.

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In the eleventh page of Muse’s Letter, we see him sue the Coweta County Detention Center, ATF, GBI, as well as “Georgia Gazette Coweta Cares 911” as a run on sentence. Unlike every other page, he adds a second action to this page, this time suing Amarak and Skillet, as well as the CC Detention Center for his lack of calories.

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Affidavit of Fact
Civil Lawsuit Action


March 25th, 20233

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Note: This is a direct transcription of the letter. He refers to himself in third person throughout. Spelling errors have been corrected, words have not been changed. Words in CAPITAL and underlined are his emphasis.

Now here comes Jacob Christian Muse and a civil lawsuit action against Coweta County detention center, ATF, GBI, and Georgia Gazette Coweta Cares 911. Jacob Christian Muse claims they used illegal tactics to render him in prisons and defamed his character he is suing for false imprisonment, libel slander, defamation of character, coercion, entrapment, invasion of privacy, and life limb pain and suffering, denial of due process. He is suing for $1,000,000 US unsettled and would like to settle in makes a claim he asked for a fast and speedy trial lawsuit action and proceeds pro se. 30 days April 25th 70 days is June 6th

Civil Court

Now here comes Jacob Christian Muse in a civil lawsuit action against Aramark, Skillet, and Coweta County detention center. He claims he isn’t receiving enough food and is suing whoever holds the food contract to the jail he claims he gets 2000 calories not 2800. He is suing for cruel and unusual punishment, wholesome meals, and life limb pain suffering. He made the claim and would like $10,000 US unsettled lump sum. He proceeds pro se and needs a fast and speedy bench trial on his civil lawsuit action 70 days.

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