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Civil action against CC Detention Center, Amarak, and Skillet

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In the twelfth page of Muse’s Letter he goes hard in suing the Coweta County Detention Center, Aramark, and Skillet for his missing 800 calories a day.

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Affidavit of Fact
Civil Lawsuit Action


March 25th, 20233

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Note: This is a direct transcription of the letter. He refers to himself in third person throughout. Spelling errors have been corrected, words have not been changed. Words in CAPITAL and underlined are his emphasis.

Now here comes Jacob Christian Muse in a civil lawsuit action against Aramark TM Co and Coweta County detention center. He also comes against skillet TM company. He claims they don’t feed enough food nor follow the federal and state law of 2000 calories consistently nor daily like they need to. He has been incarcerated for a year and claims cruel and unusual punishment, lack of wholesome meals, and life line pain injury and suffering, emotional damage. He is suing for $10,000 unsettled lump sum and makes a claim. He asked for a fast and speedy bench trial 70 days is June 6th 30 days is April 25th. He precedes pro se. He claims he can’t function right mentally nor cope in jail without enough calories. He claims injury suffering life limb pain by not having enough food for his body to properly function it stunts his growth. He claims not getting enough food is cruel and unusual punishment period wholesome meals are FDA 4000 calories at least 2800- 3600.

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