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Fast and Speedy Trial

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In the first page of Muse’s Letter, he addresses his want for a Bench Trial and attempts to dispute everything anyone has said as Hearsay. In doing so he begins the Letter by showing his complete lack of knowledge of legal procedures and theory.

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Affidavit of Fact

Fast and Speedy Trail

March 25th, 20233

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Note: This is a direct transcription of the letter. He refers to himself in third person throughout. Spelling errors have been corrected, words have not been changed. Words in CAPITAL and underlined are his emphasis.

  1. Jacob Christian Muse is an European American male with US citizenship. His religion is bible based beliefs in god. He is currently incarcerated in Coweta County detention center. He has a right to a fast and speedy 70 day trial. He official puts in for it March 25th 2023. April 25th 30 days is legally his arraignment. May – June 6th is his official trial. He has a legal right to a trial by grand jury indictment he waives his right to a trial by grand jury indictment he also waives his right to a jury trial. He officially March 25th 2023 asked for a bench trial. He asked for his attorney to work within his best interest. This includes asking the judge for everything he needs legally and lawfully to remain innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the state appointed attorney and judge fails to do any legal and lawful thing he has the right to ask for a new judge and state appointed attorney. All letters, writs, in affidavits or legally binding in effect. He reclaims his right she said in legal It’s worth and or without his attorney. He also asked for his right to a bond hearing and bond.

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