Little known US Postal Service tool can help thwart mail theft for free

USPS' Informed Delivery Provides notice of mail being delivered each day

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Mail theft is on the rise in Coweta County and around the country, and while this free tool may not be able to stop thieves from stealing your mail, it may alert you to the fact that you’re missing mail and provide evidence to help authorities in the case it is stolen.

The free service called “Informed Delivery” is available to a majority of postal customers via their website.

It’s hard to tell when mail is missing, unless you are looking for a specific item that you’ve been made aware is coming. Informed delivery can help with that, allowing you to know what should be coming to your mailbox each day.

Informed delivery works by providing a daily digest via email of all the mail and packages that should be arriving at your mailbox. It includes a scanned photo for regular mail, and shippers information ( including a tracking number ) for packages.

It can do this because mail sorting at many main sorting facilities is now down by automated systems, those systems are already taking a photo of your mail to determine the address on it.

As well as letting you know what you should be receiving today, it also has a dashboard you can log into on the USPS website that will show you the mail for the last 7 days.

By knowing what you should be getting, you will be able to know much sooner if something isn’t there that should be. If you are the victim of mail theft, you’ll be able to know more quickly what was stolen, as well as provide this information to law enforcement, increasing the chance the suspect(s) will be caught.

Click here to visit the USPS Website for more information and to sign up for Informed Delivery today!

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