Short Vehicle Pursuit Leads to Crash, Suspects Run and Leave Child in Vehicle

The 10 yr old son of the female suspect was left in the vehicle as both suspects attempted to flee on foot

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Around 11:40 PM , February 2nd, a deputy with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office attempted to preform a traffic stop on a white Ford Explorer on Roscoe Rd near Emerald Hills Lane. 

The vehicle failed to stop for the deputy, increasing their speed while heading north on Roscoe Rd a short distance before making a right on North Mills Dr. Shortly after entering North Mills Dr, the suspect vehicle lost control, leaving the roadway and striking objects on the ground.

With the vehicle unable to move, two suspects, a male and a female, exited the vehicle and attempted to run into the woods. While the male suspect was able to get away from the deputy, the deputy was able to make contact with the female suspect, who fought with the officer before being arrested.

The male suspect was able to elude officers and after a prolonged search of the area, remains at large.

Upon searching the vehicle, it was discovered that the suspects had left an approximately 10 year old male in the backseat.

The child was checked by EMS and reunited with his father.

The Suspects

The female suspect, Chelsea Dawn Daley, 28, of Newnan, was arrested. After she was medically cleared at Piedmont Newnan Hospital, she was taken to the Coweta County Jail and booked on the following charges.

Obstruction of Officers
VGCSA Marijuana Possession

Both of the charges are misdemeanors. She currently remains in jail with a total bail of $2,730.

The male suspect remains at large. According to information gathered by NCST Staff, he is believed to be Christopher Karl Glowacki. According to previous booking data, Glowacki, 34, shows an address off North Mills Dr, near the scene of the pursuit termination.

Glowacki currently has a suspended license, and a warrant in Coweta County for Violation of Probation. 

We’ve also been able to confirm with sources who are familiar with both suspects, that they are a couple. The child left in the vehicle is Daley’s son.

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