Whitesburg man arrested after series of odd events at Newnan Target

Reports of the suspect acting aggressivley both inside and outside of the target before being arrested

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According to witnesses and open records, a Whitesburg man with an unknown issue, seems to have laid siege to the Newnan Target store on Valentines day, February 14th.

Witnesses tell us it started just after 6 PM that evening, when the suspect was seen inside the store causing a disruption in the electronics section of the store. The suspect had jacked the volume up on all the display speakers and was getting loud with staff that asked him to leave.

The suspect did leave the store, but didn’t stop being an issue in the parking lot. Just before 7 PM, E911 received a call for a tall, thin white male with no shirt but wearing a jacket that was in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee in front of the store, playing loud music and jumping up and down in the vehicle. Callers also reported that the suspect was slowly driving around the parking lot, yelling at customers.

A Newnan Police Officer was dispatched to the area, and upon arriving was unable to locate the suspect or his vehicle. He cleared the call shortly thereafter.

An hour later, just after 8 PM, E911 received a second call for the suspect, this time callers stated that he was driving around the parking lot in his white Jeep Grand Cherokee exposing himself to females. Multiple NPD units quickly responded to the area.

The first unit on scene located the suspect vehicle, which at that point was being blocked in by multiple vehicles. Officers got out with the suspect and started investigating.

The suspect, Christopher James Smith, 31, of Whitesburg, was arrested on scene and charged with the following upon booking at the Coweta County Jail.

Obstruction of Officers, a misdomeanor

He was given a $2000 OR* Bond and has since been released.

Own recognizance (OR), also called personal recognizance, means a release, without the requirement of a posting bail, based on a written promise by the defendant to appear in court when required to do so.

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