The Jacob Christian Muse Letter

A quick note from The Admin. 

The murder of 3 members of the Hawk family, all of which were amazing people, friends, family members and citizens of the County, hit us all hard. 

I made the decision to release the following letter as I believe it provides a bit of insight into the mind of the person who, I believe, committed them. That being said, some could find the following content to be disturbing and / or upsetting and I completely respect that.

While he does not go deeply into the murders at any point, I do ask that you take a moment to think about if this is content you actually want to read. I wholeheartedly respect everyone’s individual choice in the matter.

A brief history

In a crime that shocked the Country and sits heavy in the hearts of everyone to this day, Evelyn and Richard Hawk as well as their Grandson Luke Hawk, were found murdered on April 8th, 2022 at the business they owned and operated, the Lock, Stock and Barrel in Grantville, Georgia.

An intense investigation commenced immediately, drawing on resources from local, state and federal authorities including the GBI, ATF and FBI. It wouldn’t take long for the investigation to turn fruitful when on April 15th warrants were signed and Jacob Christian Muse was arrested by authorities.

The arrest, for many, raised more questions than answers. According to court documents and official reports, Muse resided in College Park, nearly 50 miles north of the Lock, Stock and Barrel.  Reports would later confirm that Muse had been a customer at some point in the past, and that he’d in fact lived in Newnan for a period of time prior to the murders.

On July 5th, 2022, Muse was indicted on 16 counts by the Coweta County Grand Jury. He was indicted on 3 counts each of Malice Murder, Felony Murder, Aggravated Battery, Aggravated Assault, and Possession of Firearm During Commission of a Felony. He was also indicted on a single charge of Armed Robbery. 

In the intervening time, little has happened with his case. A court appearance in July of 2022 was rescheduled due to a conflict his lawyer had with the time and date, and his most recent appearance in January of this year was continued due to the case load before the court on that date.

The Pro Se Letter

In legal terms, a party acting in there own interest instead of through a lawyer is referred to as a Pro Se party. According to court documents, Muse is being represented by Michael Granims of Granims Law in Atlanta and Shawn Hoover, both working through the Georgia Public Defender Council.

Despite this representation, on March 25th and March 30th, 2023, Jacob Christian Muse sat in his cell in the Coweta County Jail where he’s held without bond, and put pen to paper. The 13 pages that resulted can only be described as the musing, if you’ll forgive the pun, of a man detached from reality, the law, the facts, and possibly his intent with the entire letter, his sanity. 

The Letter was addressed to the Coweta County Superior Court and recorded, in it’s entirety, into the case docket by the Clerk of Court. In doing so, the Letter becomes part of the public record of the Court Case, and giving us a rare, but interesting, look into the thoughts of a killer.

Decoding the Letter Format

Before we get into the exact content of the Letter, it’ll help to discuss a bit about his formatting. Muse uses each page to request, demand, or attempt to initiate some type of legal proceeding. At the top of each page Muse states the Court he is apparently attempting to address and includes some odd mixture of legalese and bullet points. An example of this can be seen below. 

Muse Letter Header Example

The body of the Letter is a hand written argument. Below this argument, Muse uses the same signature on each page. An example of the signature can be seen below.

Muse Letter Signature Example

On certain pages, Muse includes references, or footnotes, to laws he apparently believes help the argument he’s made in the body of the page. An example can be seen below.

Muse Letter Footnotes Example

I’ve transcribed the Letter to make it easier to read. When needed I will including images of the Letter.

The Letters Content

In total there are 13 pages to the Letter. As stated above, each page stands alone as an argument or statement to the Court. Because of the oddly wide scope of the arguments, I will create a post for each page. A link for each is below.

The first 12 pages are dated March 25th, 2023 – the last page, page 13 is dated March 30th, 2023

The first 9 pages, all addressed to “State Court” in the header of the Letter pages are, we assume, some type of motion. The last 4 pages are addressed to “Civil Court” and are attempts to sue various parties.

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